Joseph Maggiore

  • 2nd Year Graduate Student

Dissertation Mentor

Dr. Neil Hukriede

Education & Training

  • University of Pennsylvania, BSE in Bioengineering

Representative Publications

Molinari L. Rio-Pertuz GD., Smith A., Peerapornratana S., Maggiore JC., Gomez H., Priyanka P., Seymour CW., Kellum JA. Distribution of Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease across Clinical Phenotypes for Sepsis. (2021). Manuscript in prep. 

Velazquez J., LeGraw R., Moghadam F., Tan Y., Kilbourne J., Maggiore JC., Hislop J., Liu S., Cats D., Chuva de Sousa Lopes SM., Plaisier C., Cahan P., Kiani S., Ebrahimkhani MR. Gene regulatory network analysis and engineering directs development and vascularization of multilineage human liver organoids. (2021.) Cell Systems. 

Das S., Browne KD., Laimo FA., Maggiore JC., Haisaier H., Aguilar C., Ali ZS., Mourkioti F., Cullen DK. Pre-Innervated Tissue Engineered Muscle Promotes a Pro-Regenerative Microenvironment Following Volumetric Muscle Loss. (2019). Nature Communications Biology. 

Maggiore JC., Burrell JC., Browne KD., Katiyar KS., Cullen DK. Tissue engineered axon-based "living scaffolds" promote survival of spinal cord motor neurons following peripheral nerve repair. (2019). Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.