Jeff Gross, Ph.D.

  • Professor, E. Ronald Salvitti Chair in Ophthalmology Research, Director, Louis J. Fox Center for Vision Restoration
  • Department of Ophthalmology

Education & Training

  • Postdoc 2002-2005 Genetics/Neuroscience Harvard University
  • Ph.D. 2002 Biology Duke University
  • BS. 1996 Biology University of Maryland Baltimore County

Research Interest Summary

Eye Development, Disease and Regeneration

Research Categories

Research Interests

Our research focuses on vertebrate eye development, disease modeling and regeneration utilizing the zebrafish as a model system. Combining forward genetic screens with reverse genetic, genomic and embryological manipulations we hope to understand the molecular, cellular and developmental events that regulate eye formation and visual function, ocular diseases and regenerative responses. Current areas of interest in the lab include studies focusing on the development of the retina and its regulation through epigenetic mechanisms, elucidation of the cellular mechanisms that regulate ocular morphogenesis, and the molecular regulation of retina and RPE regeneration. Our research combines molecular, cellular, biochemical, transgenic, genomic and in vivo imaging techniques to address these questions. It is our hope that these studies will ultimately lead to a better understanding of visual system disorders, such as age-related macular degeneration, and serve as a foundation for the development of new therapeutic interventions. Finally, we also have an ongoing interest in evolution of the eye.

Representative Publications

Angileri K and JM Gross “dnmt1 function is required to maintain retinal stem cells within the ciliary marginal zone of the zebrafish eye” – Scientific Reports – 10(1):11293 (2020)

Sinagoga K, Larimer-Picciani A, George S, Spencer SA, Lister JA and JM Gross “Mitf-family transcription factor function is required within cranial neural crest cells to promote choroid fissure closure” – Development – 147(21):dev187047 (2020)

Seritrakul P and JM Gross “Genetic and epigenetic control of retinal development in Zebrafish” Current Opinion in Neurobiology – Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 59:120-127 (2019)

Hanovice N, Slater  K, Romanovicz D, Shao E, Collery R, Burton EA, Lathrop K, Link BA and JM Gross “Regeneration of the zebrafish retinal pigment epithelium after widespread genetic ablation” – PLoS Genetics – 15(1):e1007939 (2019)

Bernstein CS, Anderson MT, Gohel C, Slater K, Gross JM and S Agarwala “The Cellular bases of choroid fissure formation and closure” – Developmental Biology 440(2):137-151 (2018)

Siddam AD, Gautier-Courteille C, Perez-Campos L, Anand D, Kakrana A, Dang CA, Legagneux V, Méreau A, Viet J, Gross JM, Paillard L, Lachke SA “Celf1 is essential in vertebrate eye development for regulating fiber cell differentiation to achieve lens transparency” – PLoS Genetics 14(3):e1007278 (2018)

Seritrakul P and JM Gross “Tet-mediated DNA hydroxymethylation regulates retinal neurogenesis in zebrafish” PLoS Genetics 13(9):e1006987 (2017)

James AE, Lee C, Williams A, Angileri K, Lathrop KL and JM Gross “The Hyaloid Vasculature Facilitates Basement Membrane Breakdown During Choroid Fissure Closure in the Zebrafish Eye” Developmental Biology 419(2):262-272 (2016)

Koenig K, Sun P, Meyer E, JM Gross “Cell Fate Determination During Eye Development in the Cephalopod Doryteuthis pealeii” Development Sep 1;143(17):3168-81 (2016)

Full List of Publications